Our mission is to make service excellence an asset for our office and an added value for our customers.

The office

Rodi Novembre office was founded in 1997 by partners Sara Rodi and Patrick Novembre to give continuity to the « Giuseppe Maiga » office founded in Sanremo by the owner of the same name 50 years before.

The Rodi Novembre office today represents an important reality on the territory, the right combination of the experience gained in the office from which it originates and the dynamic and current approach to the profession by the founding members.

The partners have been able to exploit the experience and know-how acquired over the years, developing a structured, multidisciplinary and international structure, always attentive to the evolution of the national and international economy.

From 1997

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Experience, professionalism and skills are the determining factors for the success of our customers

The team

Our team is professional, dynamic and dedicated to finding the best solutions for our customers
team member

Sara Rodi

Certified Public Accountant

team member

Patrick Novembre

Certified Public Accountant

Sandro Bottini

Accounting and tax

Antonella Cianci

Accounting and tax

Manuela Merogno

Accounting and tax

Simona Laura

Accounting and tax

Laura D' Alessandro

Accounting and tax

Roberta Nicomedi

Treasury and administration

Maria Rosselli

Front office and administration

Our activities

- Assistance in pre-tax dispute phases

- Assistance in all levels of tax dispute

- Check-up and planning of personal and corporate assets

-Management of the generational transition of companies and assets

- Asset protection

- International succession planning

- Fiscal residence: planning in the phase of entry into Italy or expatriation to third countries

- Tax and declaration compliance

- Specialization in preferential schemes for new residents – impatriate

- Consulting in support of companies and liquid assets, real estate or works of art

- Assistance to individuals and companies in all issues related to international tax matters concerning topics such as CFC, Transfer pricing, externalization, stable organization, establishment of companies in foreign jurisdictions

- Foreign investments planning

- Assistance in attracting investments in Italy by foreign companies

Assistance in the stages leading to a process of internationalization (studies and research on foreign markets, drafting business plans, feasibility studies)

- Assistance in e-commerce activities

- VAT issues

-Customs issues

- Customs issues

- Assistance in traditional finance research: bank loans, mortgages, leasing

- Assistance in finding alternative finance: crowdfounding, P2P, bonds, European funds

- Establishment of companies, associations, foundations and other subjects

- Assistance in the issues

- Assistance in dispute between associates

- Termination and liquidation of companies

- the office has a particular experience in the participation to assignments of which to the title and in the development of the Statutory Audit

- The office assists customers in all phases of buying and selling its business also through the search for financial or industrial partners

- Bookkeeping, VAT registrations, First note cash to bank

- Preparation of annual financial statements and interim situations

- Managing the electronic invoicing process

- Processing income statement and other fiscal operations

- Management of book keeping and social records of capital companies


We believe in the values of respect for people and work.

Our strength lies in our people and in our ability to provide high-value services.

Our international background allows us to have a global vision of the business and to keep up with the evolution of the needs of our customers and collaborators.

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The customer is our focus. Fully satisfying his needs is our goal.

Our mission is to make service excellence an asset for our office and an added value for our customers.
We offer an integrated and high quality service, with the use of the most advanced technologies and with the aim of finding the best solution for our customers.

Our office stands out for the ability to well understand and interpret the needs of the Customer, combining and valuing our expertise, so as to be able to face, manage and solve every need in the best and personalized way every need of the Customer, always identifying innovative and financially efficient solutions, respecting a rigorous legal approach.

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External collaborations

For disciplines not directly covered, our office makes use of a consolidated network of selected external professionals trained through multiannual relationship that make the RN studio an international and multidisciplinary network at the service of our customers.

We use external resources in the field of employment advice and payroll processing, for matters of legal competence (civil, criminal and corporate), in the context of financial advice and real estate investments.

In Italy – Abroad

We assist our customers through desks in Genoa, Milan and Rome

Countries or areas of specialization in which we operate directly or through agreements, correspondents or desks

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External collaborations

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